Revenue Forecasting Solutions for B2B SaaS Companies

The Evolution of B2B SaaS:
Unlocking Sustainable Growth with Data

SaaS companies today face an evolving landscape of challenges ranging from accurate revenue forecasting, analyzing customer insights, combating user churn, and establishing a unique competitive advantage. These obstacles not only grind operational efficiencies to a halt but also constrain the growth potential of any SaaS venture. At BI Solutions, we leverage our industry expertise and analytical techniques to help you navigate each of these hurdles with clarity and confidence. We provide the advisory support and resources you need to:

Accurately Forecast Revenues

Predictably forecast key recurring revenue metrics like ARR, MRR, and ARPU.

Analyze Cohort Trends

Identify patterns in user behavior and impact on product revenue generation.

Proactively Scenario Forecast

Analyze various scenario outcomes to assess impact on revenues, expenses, and profitability.

Automate Analytics Reporting

Distribute dashboards and KPI metrics to key stakeholders on an automated schedule.

Manage Data & Security

Integrate and manage data from multiple sources to create a secure single source of truth.

Predict User Churn

Leverage advanced analytics techniques to predict and prevent user churn.

We serve middle-market B2B software companies.

Who We Are

BI Solutions LLC is a Strategic Advisory & Data Analytics consultancy focused on FP&A data solutions for emerging SaaS companies. We specialize in building end-to-end analytics solutions that enable Financial Planning & Analysis Teams (FP&A) and executive leaders to take advantage of their data estate by developing world-class revenue management data solutions that deliver insights and drive sustainable growth.

Who We Work With.

FP&A Data Teams

Collaborate with FP&A teams to develop strategic data solutions and create accurate financial forecasts.

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Executive Leadership

Elevate leadership decision-making with actionable analytics roadmap and optimized business foresight.

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Investor Relations & Board

Transparent financial reporting and predictive analytics for informing external parties and instilling confidence.

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Automated Subscription Revenue Insights (A.S.R.I) for SaaS Companies

Your data is the linchpin to supercharging growth and streamlining operations. At BI Solutions, we offer a comprehensive subscription revenue management solution tailor-made to empower FP&A teams to forecast revenues with precision, analyze customer cohort insights, and streamline financial operations for sustainable growth. Check out some of the features below:

Revenue Forecasting

Predict future revenue streams (MRR, ARR, ARPU) with accuracy and reliability. Optimize revenue projection and resource allocation plans.

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Profit Visibility - Cohort Trend Analysis

Uncover valuable customer behavior patterns for targeted marketing, enhanced retention, and revenue optimization.

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Scenario Financial Modeling

Proactive strategic planning with dynamic financial models that provide clarity for executive leadership and confidence for investors.

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Predictive Churn Modeling

Anticipate and mitigate customer churn, increasing existing user revenue and strengthening long-term client relationships.

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Automated Analytics Reporting

Leverage business intelligence (BI) to streamline financial reporting and highlight key SaaS metrics, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions.

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Data Integration & Management

Ensure secure integration and management of data workflows for optimized data analytics environment.

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FP&A Advisory Support

Elevate internal team capabilities with expert implementation guidance, knowledge sharing, and maintenance support.

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Solution Capabilities.

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